DASH: Dynamical Aspects of SubHaloes

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You can get the data and find a list of relevant papers and contact email addresses below.


   [DASH_19.05.09.tar.gz, ~0.6GB]

Last update on May 9th, 2019:

   1) Models of xc=1.16 and eta=0.9 for 121 pairs of ch-cs are included in ch*/cs*/xc6/eta9

    so that the total number of tidal stripping simulations is increased to 2253.

   2) Results of isolated subhalo simulations are also available in iso/cs*.

We kindly ask that any paper that uses data from the library cites the DASH paper, Ogiya et al., MNRAS, 485, 189 (arXiv:1901.08601).

List of relevant papers.


If you have any questions or requests, you can contact us via email.
(go.ogiya_at_oca.eu / dash.queries_at_gmail.com)