Here are some of our visualisation highlights… More in progress…

Formation of a massive galaxy cluster

This movie shows the evolution of the gas during the formation of a very massive galaxy cluster from the RHAPSODY-G simulations. The gas density is shown in gray colors with the gas temperature overlaid in orange. The abundance and properties of these massive systems contain a wealth of information about the physics and cosmology of our Universe. The image is 17 Mpc/h wide, projection depth is 5 Mpc/h. Visualization by Oliver Hahn Simulation: Oliver Hahn, Davide Martizzi

Formation of the cosmic web

This movie shows the formation of the cosmic web of dark matter from random fluctuations in the early universe. The intricate network of filaments hosts dark matter halos, the most massive of them are rendered in bright yellow hinting at the galaxies they are thought to host in the LCDM cosmological model. Visualization by Ralf Kaehler, Carter Emmart, Tom Abel for AMNH planetarium show “The Dark Universe”. Simulation: Tom Abel, Oliver Hahn